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Set up OwnCloud server on Windows with WSL

I was following the instructions presented in Ref [1, 2] to set up the OwnCloud server on Windows with WSL. Specifically, steps [1-8] in Ref. [1] were followed exactly - the installation for WSL was, however, installed separately. Then concerning the SQL database setup, the 'MySQL' section in Ref. [2] was followed. Also, the installation of ownCloud server refers to the 'Download ownCloud' section in Ref. [2] as well. All steps beyond steps [1-8] in Ref. [1] and 'MySQL' and 'Download ownCloud' in Ref. [2] were skipped. To access the configuration of owncloud, refer to the section 'Configure ownCloud' in Ref. [2]. 👉Ports configuration Refer to the following links to gist for configuration files concerning the ports configuration, /etc/apache2/ports.conf /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default.conf 👉Connection to WSL Apache server from outside (i.e., beyond localhost) This link provide detailed explanation about the IP address assignment scheme f